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THE KUZA STRAP ™ • Fashion, function + fit!

The perfect accessory to help keep your pants securely tucked inside your favorite pair of boots or wellies! Available in fashionable prints to compliment your inner "IT" girl!

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Who's Behind the Straps

Shien-Ru Tsao is a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Kuza Strap™. Prior to Kuza she established her own Design studio working on projects ranging from corporate identity packages to custom social announcements. She created, developed and sold two businesses first; VISUAL CIRCLES PRESS a fine art, illustration line of stationery and paper products and secondly, FROM SCRATCH an eco-friendly line of apparel and accessories for pets and their owners. Her collections have sold throughout the US and International markets in boutique establishments along with mass market retailers such as Anthropologie, Macy's, Petco and QVC.

Her designs have been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Daily Candy LA + Chicago, Modern Dog Magazine, The Chicago Tribune Newspaper, Treehugger.com and Racked NYC + NATIONAL.
Shien-Ru is also the Founder and President of Project 116, and is active in working with nonprofit organizations such as Citizen Schools to help teach students about entrepreneurship and product design.

"As a Designer, I am always seeking opportunities to create new and interesting products. The invention of The Kuza Strap™ came about one day when I realized how difficult it was to keep my jeans tucked inside my boots...stuffing, folding, bending and pushing. The worst part was the minute I sat down and stood back up my bunchy knees returned with a vengeance. I concluded this was a fashion problem I needed to solve! Kuza LLC is a thriving startup that is growing right before our eyes. The feedback on this “problem solver” accessory has been overwhelming. We look forward to expanding into new territories by adding retailers to our family. Be on the lookout for future fashion, function and fit products coming down the pipeline soon!"

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